Kevin M0KCV WPX competition


I did the WPX competition last weekend from the home qth using the 991a and switching between the efhw and the G5RV so most contacts done using 100w as that’s all the efhw can take.

Happy to report that my dxcc worked count went from 52 to 76 over the course of the two days. Notable contacts were E2A in Thailand two into South Africa  Costa Rica Afganistan, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Aland Isles, Georgia, Kuwait, Panama, Kazakhstan, Asiatic Russia, Corsica, and a load of European countries i hadn’t worked before as an M0.

Still waiting for my final points score after 101 QSO’s. Contesting isn’t for everyone but for me it was all about getting the worked DXCC numbers up and I’m happy to say that was done. If you have never done it before give it a go. There’s lots of rare dx stations out there to be had that only come out on comp days and they will hear you with 10w as a foundation call holder.CU3HN added on 31/3/2021to take the count up to 77. Stay tuned as I work my way towards 100 DXCC.  Best 73 to you if you have taken the time to read  this, Stay safe be happy M0KCV.