Kevs monthly blog M0KCV


Hi, all a few musings from Kevo. Well, what a start to the G8AMC three and a half months in, and we have over 40 members already. Some of you are new friends who are just starting to get to know and others, old friends, from 11m. You all have one thing in common, your love for radio in all its forms. It’s been great over the last few months when we’ve held impromptu nets and had inter G on some of the bands. But more than that, it’s great to hear how we are all progressing through the hobby.

Whether that’s advancing ourselves up the licencing structure, or simply improving your station or getting the confidence to talk on the radio regularly.

One thing I have noticed is how being a part of the G8AMC Family as opposed to being a lone individual has brought people out of their shells. We now have lots of activity on the messenger chat, with people posting up frequencies and call signs of stations they have worked; this is so other members can QSY and give the station a call. People are discussing their setups and how they have gone about it, and I might add without any derogatory remarks which you get on other forums and groups. I’ve been involved in nets chaired by M7’S who have done a brilliant job under trying conditions, some of whom have only held a licence a few months. I take my hat off to you guys; remember it’s the class of the operator that makes it work, not the type of licence held. If you want to get involved in any nets, keep an eye on messenger. These are usually dictated by conditions on the bands rather than the time of day.

We are still looking for input from our members. If you have something to say about anything radio, perhaps how it all started for you or how it’s been so far and what you want out of your club, let us know. Type something up and send it to Dave M0TPT, don’t forget it’s your club, not ours, and you, the membership, can shape what we are and what we could become. Many thanks for listening (for those that have heard me on the radio, that’s about all you get to do as I do like to waffle, lol ). Till next time, stay safe, be happy and thanks for the flowers from all those that give me a 5/9++ report. 73 M0KCV/ Drummer Boy