Robby M7BPN a journey to today



Robby M7BPN a journey to today

I was seventeen when I met Jeanette, she was a top girl in many ways J  about five years older than me and definitely a woman.  One of the things I remember most about her was a little Midland 40ch AM portable rig.  She used to set it up on her bedroom floor on a biscuit tin on a cross of silver foil..I was very mic shy but instantly hooked.   My “handle” back in the day was Toolbox as I was a mechanic for London Transport.  I moved on and bought my own place and a 120ch AM/FM rig with a Silver Rod and a 250 Watt Burner.  I caused the neighbours loads of noise and one chap knocked and told me he was fed up listening to my QSO’s with Bright Eyes on his TV.  That was the end of CB for me in about 1980. Between then and the 2020 Lockdown I had several engaging hobbies, I ran the London Marathon five years consecutively for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center (MSRC) then my wife bought me a Skydiving Voucher for my 50th birthday and I was immediately addicted and got my licence and my own parachute.  Lockdown 2020 finished that for me after seven years of jumping most weekends.   However, all was not lost.  I came across “Fred in the Shed” on YouTube and the 27.305 4 pm daily net.  Some time on eBay later and I was set up with a CRT SS6900 and a Sirio GPE 5/8th wave and hooked on the radio again.  Listening to the other operators I learned about the HAM Licence, and all the other bands So I took and passed my foundation on 13th February this year, 2021.

In March  “Awesome Dave” launched the G8AMC Radio club and I joined in week one.. again lots of listening later and now I have an Icom 7300 and literally this morning put up my first EFHW multiband antenna, so now I am set for both 11m and the HF Bands, it remains to be seen if I can get out J

Looking forward to becoming a proper Radio Operator,


Toolbox, CT3968, M7BPN